Can you remove a kill from zKillboard because ____ ?

Kills are never removed from zKillboard. Once zKillboard has a killmail it is disseminated to about 30 different other sources and this number is always increasing. Removing a killmail will not prevent the fact that it happened. Even if CCP reimbursed your ship and items, the killmail still happened, and it still exists in game too.

I have NPC killmails on here, I don't want them here. Can you remove them?

In the Spring of 2016 zKillboard starting displaying all killmails that it receives. This has been a popular request and supported by many. Killmails aren't removed from zKillboard. Also, please remember that losses to just NPC's are not counted against you in your stats.

zKillboard doesn't have all my killmails, where are they?

zKillboard does not get all killmails automatically. They must be provided by various means. For some details, please read this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/4m8jgm/zkillboard_does_not_automatically_get_all/

In short there are many sources for a killmail:

  • CREST submission
  • War killmail (victim and final blow have a Concord sanctioned war with each other)
  • API given by victim
  • API given by final blow character
  • API given by victim's corporation
  • API given by final blow character's corporation

Remember, every PVP killmail has two sides, the victim and the aggressors. Victims often don't want their killmails to be made public, however, the aggressors do.

I have given you my XML API or logged in with SSO, what are you doing with this information?

zKillboard will only read the killmails portions of the XML API and SSO, if provided with the proper permissions. Submission of the XML API to zKillboard is determined as having given permission, regardless of the source/person submitting the API. zKillboard will only read killmails from the SSO & CREST login only if the "Allow zKillboard to read your Kills" is checked when logging in.

XML APIs that give more explicit permissons than just access to KillMails will still be used for only reading KillMails. All other portions of the XML API are ignored and remain unused.

zKillboard will write to your character's ship fittings via SSO & CREST, if and only if, it has been given permission to do so by having the "Allow zKillboard to write Fittings" checked when logging in and you click a "Save Fitting" link from a killmail page.

Audit logs should show an IP address with an md5 hash of: 8b084aa0f07098edbcb72667e39a7600

This site can be used to quickly calculate hashes: http://www.miraclesalad.com/webtools/md5.php

I don't want my character/corporation/alliance shown on zKillboard? How do I remove them?

All characters, corporations, and alliances will always be displayed. zKillboard will not accept ISK or any form of currency to have entities removed. Yes, offers have been made and all offers get turned down.

You are violating my privacy rights! I will sue! What will you do to stop?

Nothing. You are throwing threats at a game website where the ships, names, killmails, etc. are all owned by CCP. While this website is not owned or operated by CCP it does derive all of its information from their databases.

If for some reason a character's name matches your real life name, please, contact CCP and work with them to find a resolution. https://www.ccpgames.com/contact-us/

Please also read and understand Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act: https://www.eff.org/issues/cda230

I don't like you and I want all my API's gone! How do I remove them?

There is a page within your account for that, please visit https://zkillboard.com/account/api/ (You must be logged in.)

Also, CCP provides the following pages to help manage APIs: