Sleepy Wolf Wolfgang Excessive Profanity Inc.
Sleepy Wolf Wolfgang
Excessive Profanity Inc.
Ship: Heron ( Frigate )
System: EDQG-L (-0.2) / Detorid
Location: EDQG-L VII - Asteroid Belt 3 (0km)
Time: 2016-11-19 09:35
Points: 1
Damage: 890
Ship+Fit: 648,133.77 ISK
Dropped: 88,748.71 ISK
Destroyed: 613,384.66 ISK
Total: 702,133.37 ISK

Item(s) Dropped / Destroyed

Item Type
Price (ISK)
High Slots
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I 1 21,087.25
Core Probe Launcher I 1 21,899.96
Total: 42,987.21
Mid Slots
Data Analyzer I 1 54,998.96
Cargo Scanner I 1 9,866.72
Relic Analyzer I 1 55,675.13
Total: 120,540.81
Core Scanner Probe I 3 20,249.85
Core Scanner Probe I 5 33,749.75
Total: 53,999.60
Total Dropped:
Total Destroyed:
Grand Total:
Prices look wrong? That's because they probably are! In November, 2022, a critical market API endpoint was disabled temporarily by CCP. It has yet to be re-enabled. The available market endpoints provide data that is not equivalent to what you might expect to see in the game and this reflects on killmail values.
If/when the endpoint comes back and I am able to populate proper price data, I will do a recalculation on ALL killmail prices from November, 2022 onward. -- Squizz

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