Guristas Forward Operating Base Guristas Forward Operating Base

A high-tempo shift of gears for Guristas Pirates raiding throughout the Caldari State, and bordering empire regions of high-security space, the appearance of Guristas Forward Operating Bases represents a major challenge to core empire military and industrial operations.

Notably, Guristas Pirate mining operations and patrol fleets are able to range out from their FOBs in ever greater numbers, striking in asteroid belts and against vulnerable infrastructure.

CONCORD has assessed the threat of pirate FOBs as extremely serious and will reward capsuleer groups that take the lead in degrading and destroying outlaw structures of this kind.

The capsuleer fleet that inflicts the most damage on a pirate FOB will receive up to 800,000,000 ISK, with individual pilots potentially receiving up to 30,000,000 ISK each.

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