Vendetta Vendetta

“The Federation still thinks it can play games with the future of the human species. Just as it played games with the life’s work of my father.

I will show them how the game is really played. They destroyed a man who would have revolutionized the science and application of neural boosters.

I will destroy them by showing them just how powerful that science can be. There will be no peace and no let up. I swear vendetta, in the name and for the memory of Igil Sarpati.”

- V. Salvador Sarpati, interviewed by Alton Haveri of the Scope

Some kills having this item:

Market Prices - The Forge

zKillboard Price: 120,000,000,000.00 ISK
Date Avg Price
2019-04-03 91,000,000,000.00
2019-04-02 91,000,000,000.00
2019-04-01 91,000,000,000.00
2019-03-31 91,000,000,000.00
2019-03-30 91,000,000,000.00
2019-03-29 91,000,000,000.00
2019-03-28 91,000,000,000.00
Information pulled from CCP's Market ESI API.