Minokawa Minokawa

"The Amarr have decided that there's something to learn from the capsuleers when it comes to capital ships. I can't say as I disagree. I've been trying to tell the Navy this for years." - remarks by Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola on the occasion of the Amarr-Caldari Capital Warfare Summit, YC118.01.15

A well established and close co-operation between Amarr and Caldari capital warfare tacticians and naval architects all but guaranteed that the Amarr would share their conclusions on the need to alter capital warfare doctrines and accommodate such changes with updated designs and new ship concepts.

The infusion of Amarr thinking on the subject of capital ship warfare served to break a long-standing impasse between doctrinal factions in the Caldari Navy's strategic command. The wisdom of learning from the example of the most experienced capital warfare pilots in New Eden was accepted and the Minokawa-class Force Auxiliary was the eventual result.

Some kills having this item:

Ship Maintenance Array MILITARY AEROSPACE LEGION (Ship Maintenance Array)
Azbel TnT Strong Hold Tactical Narcotics Team (Azbel)
TnT Strong Hold
Tactical Narcotics Team
Sotiyo GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation (Sotiyo)
Goonswarm Federation
Ship Maintenance Array Taylor Swift's Wormhole Appreciation Society (Ship Maintenance Array)
Taylor Swift's Wormhole Appreciation Society
Ship Maintenance Array Cacela Corporation (Ship Maintenance Array)
Cacela Corporation
Ship Maintenance Array Na.Vi. (Ship Maintenance Array)
Ship Maintenance Array Ratio vivendi Hypercube Alliance (Ship Maintenance Array)
Ratio vivendi
Hypercube Alliance
Ship Maintenance Array Khanid Navy inc (Ship Maintenance Array)
Khanid Navy inc

Market Prices - The Forge

zKillboard Price: 2,497,136,363.64 ISK
Date Avg Price
2021-06-15 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-14 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-13 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-12 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-11 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-10 2,497,136,363.64
2021-06-09 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-08 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-07 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-06 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-05 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-04 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-03 2,505,263,157.89
2021-06-02 2,463,636,363.64
2021-06-01 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-31 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-30 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-29 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-28 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-27 2,463,636,363.64
2021-05-26 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-25 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-24 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-23 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-22 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-21 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-20 2,556,521,739.13
2021-05-19 2,502,777,777.78
2021-05-18 2,502,777,777.78
2021-05-17 2,502,777,777.78
Information pulled from CCP's Market ESI API.