'Quafe' Sniper Rifle 'Quafe' Sniper Rifle

Using microscale railgun technology, the sniper rifle effectively weaponizes velocity, putting an inert round downrange in excess of 2,500m/s. The standard round is a 2-inch ‘beehive' flechette, loaded automatically from a center-mount pack. The pack design eliminates user intervention and minimizes reload time while simultaneously allowing for future upgradeability; different ammunition configurations require nothing more than switching out the rifle's pack.

Some kills having this item:

Imperial 'Seraph' Logistics Tindel Flamestrike The Exemplars Tindel Flamestrike (Imperial 'Seraph' Logistics)
The Exemplars
Logistics A-I Amarr DustCitizen 2109246840 Dust514 Corporation 98163358 Smart Deploy Amarr DustCitizen 2109246840 (Logistics A-I)
Dust514 Corporation 98163358
Smart Deploy
State 'Samurai' Commando jayfun247 Dust514 Corporation 98175182 jayfun247 (State 'Samurai' Commando)
Dust514 Corporation 98175182
Sniper - AM Ulrica Vampire Lahmia Sisterhood Ulrica Vampire (Sniper - AM)
Lahmia Sisterhood
Sniper - GA Gallente DustCitizen 2108327914 Condotta Rouvenor Gallente DustCitizen 2108327914 (Sniper - GA)
Condotta Rouvenor
'Roden' Commando G-I SpyDogg Rautaleijona SpyDogg ('Roden' Commando G-I)
'Brutor' Logistics M-I kiritos leo Art.of.Death VP Gaming Alliance kiritos leo ('Brutor' Logistics M-I)
VP Gaming Alliance

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