Federation Enhanced Kinetic Catalyzer Federation Enhanced Kinetic Catalyzer

Increases sprinting speed of the user.

NOTE: Stacking penalties apply to this module; the effectiveness of each additional module after the first will be reduced.

Some kills having this item:

Federation Assault G-I SpyDogg Rautaleijona SpyDogg (Federation Assault G-I)
Federation Assault gk.0 Gallente DustCitizen 2100390219 Circuits of Time Gallente DustCitizen 2100390219 (Federation Assault gk.0)
Circuits of Time
Scout M/1-Series Minmatar DustCitizen 2101441409 Dust514 Corporation 98332099 Minmatar DustCitizen 2101441409 (Scout M/1-Series)
Dust514 Corporation 98332099
Federation Scout gk.0 Caldari DustCitizen 2100421161 Academy Inferno E-R-A Caldari DustCitizen 2100421161 (Federation Scout gk.0)
Academy Inferno
Scout ak.0 Minmatar DustCitizen 2100844250 Vengeance Unbound Dark Taboo Minmatar DustCitizen 2100844250 (Scout ak.0)
Vengeance Unbound
Dark Taboo
Scout C/1-Series Amarr DustCitizen 2102623721 Prima Gallicus Amarr DustCitizen 2102623721 (Scout C/1-Series)
Prima Gallicus
Gallente Federation
Scout M/1-Series BiggHewi Gallente Federation Resistance BiggHewi (Scout M/1-Series)
Gallente Federation Resistance
Gallente Federation
Scout gk.0 BasilStagHare G I A N T BasilStagHare (Scout gk.0)
Federation Scout gk.0 Paulus Phen502 Random Gunz RISE of LEGION Paulus Phen502 (Federation Scout gk.0)
Random Gunz
Scout G/1-Series Gallente DustCitizen 2100658148 Lacuna. Gallente DustCitizen 2100658148 (Scout G/1-Series)
Scout M-I Kira Takizawa 2Shitz 1Giggle Kira Takizawa (Scout M-I)
2Shitz 1Giggle
'Neo' Logistics gk.0 AnyWayToRun Vacuum Cleaner. LLC AnyWayToRun ('Neo' Logistics gk.0)
Vacuum Cleaner. LLC

Market Prices - The Forge

zKillboard Price: 0.01 ISK
Date Avg Price
2014-03-10 1,815.00
2014-02-11 1,815.00
2014-02-04 1,815.00
Information pulled from CCP's Market ESI API.