'Phantasm' 20GJ Ion Cannon 'Phantasm' 20GJ Ion Cannon

Blaster technology harnesses magnetic containment fields to project superheated energy over short distances.

Some kills having this item:

'Quafe' Saga Blueprint LT M3RC Eternal Beings SpaceMonkey's Alliance LT M3RC ('Quafe' Saga Blueprint)
Eternal Beings
SpaceMonkey's Alliance
Grimsnes Interstellar Marine CASSETTE 514 Interstellar Marine (Grimsnes)
Madrugar Gv.0 darkdreams420 Dust514 Corporation 98322028 darkdreams420 (Madrugar Gv.0)
Dust514 Corporation 98322028
'AI-102' Madrugar Jon LaSavage Amarr Templars Jon LaSavage ('AI-102' Madrugar)
Amarr Templars

Market Prices - The Forge

zKillboard Price: 0.01 ISK
Date Avg Price
2014-01-08 110,600.00
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