Roden Sniper Rifle Roden Sniper Rifle

Using microscale railgun technology, the sniper rifle effectively weaponizes velocity, putting an inert round downrange in excess of 2,500m/s. The standard round is a 2-inch ‘beehive' flechette, loaded automatically from a center-mount pack. The pack design eliminates user intervention and minimizes reload time while simultaneously allowing for future upgradeability; different ammunition configurations require nothing more than switching out the rifle's pack.

Some kills having this item:

Commando C/1-Series amarr steel 514 Wolf Pack Special Forces Shadow of Dust amarr steel 514 (Commando C/1-Series)
Wolf Pack Special Forces
Shadow of Dust
'Quafe' Scout gk.0 Caldari DustCitizen 2100970471 Random Gunz The-Office Caldari DustCitizen 2100970471 ('Quafe' Scout gk.0)
Random Gunz
Assault ck.0 JOY POLI Dust514 Corporation 98344690 JOY POLI (Assault ck.0)
Dust514 Corporation 98344690

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